Monday, August 22, 2011

Witchy Propaganda

!! ~ Men of the Ohio ~ !!

Do not believe FILTHY LIES that are told by seditioneers and regicides lurking in dark corners.  HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, THE EMPEROR THOMAS PENN is your Friend.  His Heart is full of Love for the bleeding people of the Ohio, and he wants nothing better than Peace for ALL Ohioans.

The rebels and troublemakers are the Enemies of Peace.  They murdered the King of Cahokia, and they plot against His Family!  Help the King’s Brother, THE EMPEROR THOMAS PENN, bring Peace.  Show your Love for Your Emperor.  Report troublemakers.  Obey the Law.  Assist Imperial officers.  Pay all requested exactions.  Bring Peace to the Ohio at last.

– Pamphlet distributed throughout the Ohio by
   Imperial forced engaged in the Pacification

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