Monday, August 15, 2011

Witchy Lincoln-Douglas

Lincoln: But Your Honor speaks very harshly of Wisdom, even, some might say, to the point of defaming Her.  Was She not the serpent that Moses raised on a pole in the desert and healed the children of Israel?

Douglas: No, sir, I have not heard that She was.  I have always understood, however, that there was a serpent in the garden, and that our first parents—or should I say rather, my first parents—took great harm therefrom.

Lincoln: Oh, that is an old chestnut.  Even Paul knew to warn the Corinthians that Old Scratch may appear as an angel of light.

– Archwizard Abraham Lincoln and the Right Honorable
   Stephen Douglas, Magico-Theological Disputations,
   Disputation the Third

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