Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Mes

Here's me, at Life, the Universe and Everything in February.  There is a professionalism point here -- when you are selling yourself as a professional writer, don't go to business events dressed like a goombah or a slacker.

And here is the image of me I drew (with a Sharpie) that will go on the front of the Tall Tales CD.  It's meant to be more or less recognizable as me as I actually appear at Cons, so someone who has the CD might spot me and know who I am.

The CD is not full of banjo music, by the way.  Banjos are just easier to draw than guitars.  And they're very American and folksy and retro-cool.

Yeah, I know it sucks, I'm not a visual artist.


  1. Professional writers work in their pajamas. If you want to sell yourself as a professional writer, go to business events dressed in pajamas. Unless your pajamas are underwear. If your pajamas are underwear, then go buy some pajamas.