Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Pages!

I've just added a Links page (over on the upper right).  I'll add more pages as time goes on, and I'll add to the Links page, too.

A quick note about the Links, and specifically about the authors I've linked to.  I'm not sure there's any point in my making a list of "authors I like", much less trying to set up a links page with links to the blogs and websites of Umberto Eco, Michael Chabon, Jim Butcher, Nail Gaiman, etc.  The writers I've linked to are all people I've personally met and interacted with and whose work I've liked.

Some of them (e.g. Carter Reid of The Zombie Nation) are also people I've already specifically mentioned in the blog, and as I meet and come to enjoy the work of other writers, I'll try to remember to add them to the Links page, too.

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