Monday, November 21, 2011


Sitting down to revise City of the Saints.  I get comments from the Story Monkeys weekly and revise as I go from the beginning of writing, so I never feel like my "rough" draft is really, really dire, but I want to straighten up its tie and wash its face before sending it off to the mines to earn its keep.

Here are my revision objectives:

  • Resolve all collected and not-yet-resolved comments.
  • Make each POV character's inner monolog, and all characters' spoken lines, consistent and distinctive.
  • Make sure each POV character has at least one crisp sub-plot running all the way through and clearly resolving, and clear, sympathetic and true-to-life motivations throughout with respect to the main plot.
  • Add steampunkiness!  (Victorian dress details, machines!)
  • Smooth narrative flow, eliminate infelicitous word choices, and increase vividness of prose generally.
I plan to work all the way through one time for each POV character.  I am hoping to get through each character's work in one day, which would make this a six-day task.  In bocca al lupo!

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