Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Export the Import


 There was a guy named Person who imported stuff to Venice. Person was entering Venice one day, delivering monthly milk. Three fourths of the way through a tiny black hole fell onto the water, close to the ocean liner, and even with her mighty engines in reverse, the ocean liner was pulled further and further into the canal. So Person took some stuff like the motor. He put them together, and  that made  a sort of mini raft. Person threw it out of the boat, jumped out after it and swam away. The water was white from then on, due to milk flooding. It also happened that Person lost his job, he made up for it with water racing.  


*   *   *

The above is a story my eight-year-old son wrote for a school assignment.  Here's why it's awesome: it focuses on a character, he has a problem, he overcomes the problem -- complete plot arc.  The subplot implied by the lost job and the "water racing" is a total bonus.

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