Thursday, September 1, 2011

Witchy Hillary

The Kings of Cahokia (and its Queens, of which they have had many, for Ohioan rules of inheritance, including its laws of royal succession, do not favor the male of the species over the female) have long had a mysterious relationship with the beastkind and, if he exists, their legendary ruler, the Heron King.  The Cahokians are tightly allied with their near neighbors, or they wage fierce intimate war against one another, reliable informants tell me, but they seem unable to simply leave each other alone.  This may be simply the destiny of geography, as Cahokia is nestled in the very arms of the Mississippi, the great river that the Heron King claims as his capitol, but it is difficult to escape the impression that there is a more substantial connection.  I understand that from time to time the Heron King has taken to wife a Cahokian princess.

– Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, Mississippi: The Nile of
   the New World and Its Savage Glories, “Cahokia”

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