Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lion of Missouri

The wild beasts of the Great Green Wood
The bison, the sloth and the wolf
Learned to hear his footstep and light out in a hurry
His blade was sharp, his arm was strong
His eye was keen and his shot was long
The Lion of Missouri

The Teutonic Knights and the Kaiser’s men
The Hessian, the Prussian, the Turk
Felt the white-hot fire of the young Cahokian’s fury
His word, his heart and his aim were true
His iron will and his soldiers, too
The Lion of Missouri

Against sorcerers and highwaymen
Lawyers, land agents and banks
He rode as hangman, circuit judge and jury
His horse was fear, his cloak was awe
His look was death and his word was law
The Lion of Missouri

*   *   *

Another Witchy Eye chapter heading, written in the Witchy Eye world (according to the conceit) by Woody Guthrie.

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