Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Witchy Eye Chapter Heading: Fake Scripture

And God spake, and said, Shall we not give unto Man a companion?  And God said, Yea.  And God made for Man a companion, of starlight and river rock and foam of the sea.  And God named her Wisdom, for she was more subtle than any beast of the field, and breathed upon her, and she arose and shone.  And she bare unto Man daughters and sons, and the starlight was within them all the days of their lives.

And when the days of Wisdom were fulfilled and the light left her, her daughters and sons digged the earth and raised stones and built for her a place of vision and light that would be forever.

And God spake, and said, Shall Man be alone in his age?  And God said, Nay.  And God made for Man a new companion, of the rib of Man, for she would bear him up under his shoulder in his infirmity.  And God named her Life, for her strength was new life to Man, and breathed upon her, and she arose and lived.  And she bare unto Man sons and daughters, and they began from the first to slay each other.

*   *   *

Witchy Eye is an epic fantasy with American bones.  Some of those bones are Biblical or, as in the case of the above, fake-Biblical.

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